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Insurance Leads & Data

No ordinary insurance leads and data…

Insurance is now a reliable option for financially protecting oneself for the future. Still, insurance brokerages and agencies have often found the industry highly competitive and difficult to break into.

Traditional marketing channels, like advertising and PR, for insurance companies are highly competitive and dominated by the national and global insurance providers. That’s why direct and digital marketing strategies offer Insurance providers huge potential gains by bypassing the intermediaries and get directly in front of customers.

It can be hugely expensive and time consuming for Insurance businesses to reach and acquire new customers. That’s why our professional lead generation services comes to the rescue.

We generate 0ver 5,000 Fresh Insurance leads every data for:

  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance


Fresh Insurance Leads

This type of data lead is freshly generated and collected specifically for your company’s campaign. Therefore, these prospects won’t have been contacted by anyone for your product, previously.

These leads are generated and delivered within 24 hours, which ensures reliability, accuracy, and the consumer interest in the product.

Insurance Data

This data product has been collected, verified for accuracy and then stored for extensive profiling for specific campaigns. This data comes in a few different forms:

  • First Use – Prospect that hasn’t been contacted previously since we collected the data.
  • Second Use – This data has been rented previously and used just a single marketing campaign. This may sound less appealing, however, the returns on this type of data often the largest.
  • Multiple Use – If your budget is smaller and you need highly profiled data for an affordable rate, this product will be ideal for you.

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